My Travel Bucket List

  1. Swim with whale sharks
  2. Hot balloon at Cappadocia, Turkey
  3. See all 7 wonders of the world (3/7)
  4. Go sky diving
  5. Road trip to/visit all US National Parks
  6. See a ballet in Russia
  7. View Big Diomede Island from Little Diomede Island (Looking into Russia from Alaska: Looking into the “future” due to time zone changes.)
  8. WWOOF in New Zealand
  9. Ride bikes on the Via Appia in Rome
  10. Go tubing at an old Hawaiian sugar plantation
  11. Visit every region of Spain
  12. Go to the Olympics Completed August 2016. I would love to attend again. You can check out my experience on my Rio Olympic blog post but as I only watched wrestling one day, it’s still on my list! IMG_20160819_072041635_TOP
  13. Take a cooking class in Italy
  14. See the Northern Lights
  15. Stay in a Mongolian yurt
  16. Travel through India
  17. Hike the Grand Canyon
  18. See Antartica
  19. Road trip across Route 66
  20. Visit Greenland
  21. Cruise in the Arctic
  22. Hike the Camino de Santiago
  23. Stargaze in Atacam Desert
  24. Road trip across Canada
  25. Experience European Christmas Markets
  26. Oktoberfest
  27. Become scuba certified
  28. Visit the Great Sand Dune National Park in Colorado
  29. Climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty
  30. See a play at the Globe Theatre
  31. Road trip along Ring Road in Iceland
  32. Visit Newfoundland, Canada
  33. Visit all 50 states
  34. Ride horses on the beach
  35. Enjoy the tame deer on Miyajimi Island, Japan or “deer island”
  36. Experience the Great Migration at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
  37. Search for Nessie
  38. See amazing views from a helicopter Completed summer 2008, Kauai, Hawaii 
  39. Float in the dead sea
  40. Go to the Grafton Jacaranda Festival, Australia
  41. Twirl in a field of sunflowers-preferably in Southern Spain
  42. Visit “smurf village” in Júzcar, Spain
  43. Have at least a six month honeymoon traveling around the world
  44. Dogsled in Canada
  45. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Russia to Mongolia to China
  46. Take depth defying photos at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  47. Get messy at La Tomatina in Spain
  48. Experience a sunrise or sunset at Fushimi Inari Taisha in Japan
  49. Relax in the baths of Budapest, Hungary
  50. Visit the sand dune lakes of Brazil
  51. Scuba dive in an underwater museum in Cancún, Mexico
  52. See the masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel
  53. Hike to Machu Picchu
  54. Live abroad in one place for at least a year (I lived in Vigo, Spain for 5 months)
  55. Be a ecotourist in the Amazon in Ecuador
  56. See a snow leopard in Ladakh, India
  57. Visit Cuba
  58. Celebrate Carnaval in multiple continents (Rio, Venice, and Quebec City are all on my list)
  59. Explore Pompeii
  60. Experience the kindness of a stranger while abroad Completed summer 2014. While on a train in Switzerland, I was talking to a man about how I was traveling. Before he got off he handed me a juice box. It wasn’t until I got off the train about an hour later that I realized he slipped 20 Swiss Francs under the juice box, doing this completely out of kindness and expecting nothing in return.
    Bern, Switzerland
  61. Return kindness to a stranger while abroad
  62. Go on a night tour of the Paris Catacombs
  63. Fold 1,000 paper cranes and place them at Hiroshima
  64. Learn a recipe from a local (and not sign up for a class, but learn it through building a relationship with someone)
  65. Stay in an old prison in Ottawa, Canada
  66. Watch the running of the bulls in Bilbao
  67. Hold an alligator Completed March 2018. Louisiana Blog Post
  68. Complete a polar plunge
  69. Visit an elephant sanctuary
  70. Release a floating lantern in Thailand
  71. Be a tourist in Nebraska (my home state) and see Chimney Rock and Carhenge
  72. See FC Barcelona play against Real Madrid at Camp Nou
  73. Twirl in the Austrian Alps like Julie Andrews
  74. Ride the train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct (Hogwarts Express)
  75. Visit New Zealand’s glowworm caves
  76. Kayak in Prince William Sound, Alaska
  77. Explore castles in Transylvania, Romania
  78. Visit 40 countries before I turn 30 (I’ve hit 18 by age 24 currently)
  79. Visit 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  80. Kayak on Iceland’s Glacier Heinabergslón Lagoon
  81. Celebrate Semana Santa in Spain
  82. Have afternoon tea in London I just experienced afternoon tea in Manhattan and loved it. On to the next location! 
  83. Go gnome hunting in Wroclaw Poland
  84. Eat my way through the Butler County Donut Trail in Ohio
  85. Bungee jump in Australia (thanks one of those quizzes where you select your birth month and then date for the idea!)
  86. Visit the top 100 places to see on Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel list
  87. Island hop some of Croatia’s 1000+ islands