Bucket Lists

I love making lists. They help me feel more organized by gathering my thoughts, giving me short-term and long-term goals, and I love crossing off completed items. Due to this, I’m continuously coming up with not just more items to add to my general travel bucket list, but more specific travel bucket lists to reach for.

My Travel Bucket List -This is my general bucket list for traveling and includes items that just generally come to mind. I have both general goals (such as traveling to a country) and very specific goals (such as celebrating a holiday in a specific location or food item).

Lonely Planet’s ULTIMATE TRAVEL Bucket List -My aunt gave me a book for my birthday that lists out the top 500 places to visit ranked on Lonely Planet’s website. One of the items on my bucket list up above is to visit all of the top 100 places on this list, although the “ultimate” dream would be to visit all 500. I’ve currently visited 55.

(Coming soon: food bucket list and literary bucket list)