Flavors of Nashville

My friends and I went to Nashville for a friend’s wedding. It was also a reunion as we had finished grad school and moved to different states. Getting a group of food and nutrition grad students, and current and future dietitians together definitely meant that trying different food was a top priority. Check out my food map for the places we stopped at! I was not disappointed with any of our choices, although I’m sure there’s plenty of restaurants we missed out on.

  1. Barista Parlor, Golden Sound – There are multiple Barista Parlor locations in Nashville. This was a coffee shop we stumbled upon while exploring the city. It is located in The Gulch, off of Broadway.

2. Pinewood Social – Pinewood Social is a restaurant and bowling alley located along the riverfront. While we didn’t stop for a game of bowling, we did enjoy brunch. Check out their Challah French Toast or Brown Butter Waffle if you enjoy some sweet.

3. Emmy Squared – Can’t choose between burgers or pizza? Check out Emmy Squared, also located in The Gulch. Started in Brooklyn, this restaurant has expanded to 8 locations in different states. It has even claimed title for best burger in Nashville. We ended up splitting loaded waffle fries, a burger, and 2 pizzas.

We visited the weekend before Halloween and enjoyed all the decorations!

4. Another Broken Egg Cafe – My friend and I who stayed in the same hostel together ended up stopping here for breakfast one morning while waiting for everyone else to get ready. It is located off of Broadway downtown, only a street in from the riverfront. My friend got chicken and waffles while I had eggs benedict. We also split an order of the biscuit beignets.

5. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Midtown Location – We kept hearing if you want to try Nashville friend chicken, Hattie B’s is the place to go. And if definitely had the line to back that statement up! I skipped this one as my stomach doesn’t handle friend food very well, and I didn’t want to risk it while we were walking around the city, but my friends enjoyed it!

6. Mike’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar – Mike’s was our last stop before leaving Nashville. It’s along the same street as Another Broken Egg, just off Broadway and the riverfront. They offer homemade ice cream, sundaes, shake and malts, slushes, smoothies, and old-fashioned fountain sodas.

7. Acme Feed & Seed – Acme is just one bar along Broadway in downtown, the heart of Nashville nightlife. On the weekends this area can be incredibly busy. The bars all offer live music. Acme is a multi-level location with live music (and a live music radio so you can toon in), a farm store with artisan goods, and a lot of sports playing. We visited on a non-weekend night when it was much quieter. We were there to watch what ended up being the final round of the 2018 College World Series as we cheered on the Red Sox (we all went to grad school in Boston) and by the time the game ended we were about the only ones on our level.

As you can see, Acme was also covered in Halloween decorations!

8. Leon’s Candy, Pralines – Nearly next door to our Hostel along the riverfront, we stopped at Leon’s Candy for some handmade pralines. They also offer classics candies such as caramels and chocolates.

We split the Bourbon and Chocolate flavored pralines.

9. Milk & Honey – Also located at the Gulch, Milk & Honey is a cafe with two parts to it. A sit down area with hot brunch items, salads, and pizza, and a line to pick up drinks and baked goods. My friend and I stopped by for breakfast after flying into Nashville, but the wait to be seated was too long so we stopped through the drinks line before finding another place to eat.

10. Superica – Just a couple blocks down from Milk & Honey, Superica is a Mexican/Tex Mex restaurant that serves brunch on the weekends along with lunch and dinner throughout the week. Their brunch menu includes items such as huevos rancheros, tamales & eggs, and chorizo & eggs.

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