Visiting Nashville, Tennessee

Back in 2018, my friends and I took a weekend trip to Nashville for a wedding. As poor nutrition graduate students, most of the trip was spent finding free things to do and enjoying as much food as we could. Here’s some neighborhoods to walk around in Nashville for restaurants, bars, boutiques, views of the city, and some tourist attractions.

Downtown/Broadway St: We stayed in a hostel on a street along the Cumberland River, just off Lower Broadway, which is lined with bars and is a very active nightlife scene particularly on the weekend. We were visiting at the end of October, the weekend before Halloween, so the nightlife was extra busy with people dressed up in costumes. The bars are all filled with live music, although we were more interested in finding one that was playing the World Series to watch the Red Sox win. The area is also full of restaurants, hotels, and some tourist attractions. There’s a walking bridge over the river to get a great view of the city.

12South: This is a half mile stretch along 12 ave in South Nashville that is lined with boutiques, vintage stores, and restaurants. If you are visiting without a car like we did, take an uber, taxi, or other service to visit. We walked from downtown and it was a much longer and hotter walk than we expected! Along 12South is Howell’s Alley which is where the “I believe in Nashville” wall painting is located.

Midtown: The Parthenon (future post coming) is located at midtown, as well as Vanderbilt University, which is worth a walk around campus. Similar to the other neighborhoods, it’s easy to find restaurants in the area. We walked between midtown and downtown a few times during the trip as the wedding was also located in midtown.

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