What to do in Vigo: Parque do Castro

If you’re looking for great views, fresh air, history, and architecture while in Vigo, Spain then head on over (or up all the hills) to Parque do Castro. My friends and I took advantage of an extremely rare day of no rain and spent the afternoon at the park. It surrounds the 1665 Castro Fortress, which was built with (no longer existing) city walls to protect the city. The garden is full of flowering plants, orange trees, and fountains. It’s an incredibly relaxing area and has fantastic views of the city and waterfront. Reading reviews of the park, many people suggest taking transportation up to the park and then walking down after because it’s at the top of a steep hill. If you’re not quite used to a lot of walking, or used to the hills this may be the best option. Parque do Castro was definitely my favorite spot in all of Vigo.

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