Boston Weekend Trip: New Hampshire White Mountains

My friends and I, in the middle of yet another semester of grad school decided to go on an overnight trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This trip could also be done as just a day trip, but we decided to take our time and spend the night. We had a weekend of hiking in the mountains, and relaxing in the hot tub planned.

The weather decided on other plans, and after stopping for donuts and bagels in Davis Square, we had a rainy and icy drive North where we watched more than one car skid in circles. Luckily we safely made it to our Airbnb, located at a ski lodge near Bartlett and North Conway. North Conway has an outlet mall, so we spent time there stopping at stores include L.L. Bean for new boots. I’ve always enjoyed being in an outside hot tub while the temperature outside is freezing or it’s snowing, and we had one of the hot tubs all to ourselves that evening.

For our hike, we stopped at Diana’s Bath. This is a 0.6 mile trail that stops at some waterfalls. The hike is extremely easy, with mostly flat terrain. It was really beautiful to visit this location in the winter when everything was covered with snow. I’m used to hiking to similar places in the summer, but the snow and ice gives the scenery a completely new feeling.

Our weekend didn’t go completely as planned. We spent much less time in the mountains than we hoped, our Airbnb surprised us with how small it was, and the weather was not ideal either day. However, we enjoyed a weekend filled with the things we needed: friends, laughter, a break from school, and a lot of junk food-no one would have believed it that we were all students of nutrition!

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