Visiting New Orleans Garden District

In March I made a last minute decision and bought tickets to Louisiana to visit a friend for my spring break just two weeks later. I knew I needed to go somewhere warm for break, I was terribly depressed from the cold and dark my first winter in Boston. I thought it was a promising sign that two days before I left we had 18 inches of snow; I had clearly made the right decision.

My friend lives in Baton Rouge, but it was cheaper to fly in and out of New Orleans. Comparing her work schedule, flights, and bus schedules between the two cities, I figured I could spend half days in New Orleans on my arrival and departure. I spent the day of my arrival walking around the Garden District, taking in beautiful and unique architecture, soaking up the warmth and sun, and touring one of the above ground cemeteries that New Orleans is known for.

All I need to truly be happy is a bright, sunny day, my camera, and being able to stroll around to explore. My grandma still brings up that I used to comment on the architecture and love looking at buildings even when I was just a few years old. The Garden District is full of grand mansions with intricate details and bright colors. Walking through the streets I instantly felt transported to a different world. Special sights to see include Buckner Mansion where filming for American Horror Story Coven was filmed and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Across the street from the cemetery is the restaurant Commander’s Palace, serving upscale Creole food, that easily catches your eye with its bright blue and white facade.

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