New York Day 2

Day two was a day of back and forth. We started early as we headed to Manhattan to the Wall Street bull without a huge crowd. After we headed back into Brooklyn to check out the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD). They currently had an exhibit up about American Chinese food, and included a taste testing of some great food. We had afternoon tea at The Carlyle planned for the afternoon, and before we had time to walk around Brooklyn. Then we headed back to Manhattan and Central Park. After afternoon tea we had plans for dinner but with MOFAD and the incredible food at tea we were set for the day. We walked down Madison Ave and were reminded of how poor we all are in the form of growing student debt. Our next stop was the Plaza Hotel. I had no idea there was so much to do and see there, with a food court and different rooms dedicated to the different cultural media phenomenons that made their homes at the Plaza including Home Alone 2 and Eloisa. We made a full circle by jumping back to Brooklyn, exploring the shops in Williamsburg and stopping for dessert across the street from MOFAD.

IMG_7318IMG_7319IMG_7322IMG_7326IMG_7324IMG_7327IMG_7329IMG_7331IMG_7332IMG_7333IMG_7334IMG_7336IMG_7337IMG_7338IMG_7339IMG_7340IMG_7341IMG_7342IMG_7343IMG_7344IMG_7345IMG_7347IMG_7348IMG_7349IMG_7350IMG_7351IMG_7352IMG_7354IMG_7357IMG_7358IMG_7360IMG_7361IMG_736228217333_1588063477940424_1161639798_o  IMG_7365IMG_7364IMG_7366IMG_7367IMG_7368IMG_7369IMG_7377IMG_7378IMG_7379

29062713_10216102512414380_7781231875531472896_n       Photo cred to the incredibly talented Jackie


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