Welcome to New York!

Two of my friends in grad school and I love to go on weekend adventures. In February we had a three day weekend and decided to go to New York. One of my friends grew up in Manhattan, so she was the perfect tour guide. We stayed in a hostel in Brooklyn, which was a part of New York that none of us were too familiar with. This was my third trip to the city, and everything we did and saw was new to me.

Our first day started off in Brooklyn, before we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. Then we headed to the meatpacking district to go to the Whitney Museum. Thank goodness Kiki had a member’s pass and we got to skip the long line outside in the cold! We finished our day in SoHo, eating fabulous food and feeling right at home (our campus is located in Boston’s Chinatown).

IMG_7179IMG_7180IMG_7181IMG_7183IMG_7184IMG_7188IMG_7189IMG_7190IMG_7192IMG_7193IMG_7194IMG_7196IMG_7207IMG_7185  IMG_7245IMG_7208IMG_7210IMG_7215IMG_7218IMG_7219IMG_7224IMG_7225IMG_7220 IMG_7235IMG_7226IMG_7238IMG_7239IMG_7240IMG_7229IMG_7241IMG_7244IMG_7246IMG_7248IMG_7252IMG_7254IMG_7255IMG_725828278370_1587027631377342_2119661951_oIMG_20180217_140359613_HDR28311818_1587028124710626_1417383233_o  IMG_20180217_154044352IMG_20180217_153951308  IMG_20180217_145448517_TOPIMG_7259IMG_7260IMG_7262IMG_7263IMG_7264  IMG_7270IMG_7265IMG_7266IMG_7269IMG_7272IMG_7273IMG_7274IMG_7275IMG_7278IMG_7280  IMG_7282IMG_7281IMG_7286IMG_7287IMG_7288IMG_7290IMG_7295IMG_7296IMG_7297IMG_7298IMG_7299IMG_7300IMG_7317

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