Mountain Goats and Mount Monadnock

The title of this post is deceiving. We saw no mountain goats (there are none) at Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. My friends are the mountain goats. They easily climbed up rock while holding a constant conversation. I on the other hand struggled with hoisting my legs up high enough and feeling like I would slip and fall every other step. Still, it was a fun and refreshing break from grad school, and last September was a great time to go.

A friend recommended avoiding the main two trails on our way up, which are White Dot and White Cross. This was a great idea as the parking lot was full and we watched large groups leave together. Instead we took a combination of Parker Trail, Lost Farm Trail, Cliff Walk, and White Arrow Trail. (I think, looking at the map now months later, I can’t quite remember.) Whatever combination of trails we ended up taking, it was a great idea. We passed only two individual hikers who were going the opposite way, and one other man heading in the same direction that was kind enough to snap some photos. Otherwise, we had the trails to ourselves, and were able to spend some time in nature, away from everything. On our way down we took one of the main two paths. Not only was it crowded, but due to a recent rain, the trail was quite slippery. I ended up sliding down my butt a few times, and we even saw one girl fall and slice open her leg.

Of course at the end of our trip, we had to stop for ice cream and support the local New England dairy economy.


And for your amusement, my friend kindly documented my struggle of climbing onto the rock for a photo.

IMG_6695IMG_6696IMG_6697IMG_6698IMG_6700IMG_6701  IMG_6702

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