Flavors of Brazil

My two passions are food and the world. I love traveling, learning about new languages and encountering new things. Food is a bridge between people, cultures, and traditions. My favorite way to bond and form relationships with people are by sitting across from someone and sharing a meal, because food is a universal connector. We all have to eat.

Visiting Rio for the Olympics altered our food experiences a bit. We had free food through the Team USA House and the Asics House, and ate at the Olympic area the day we watched wrestling. Traveling in such a large group and traveling with babies also influenced our eating, as we had to find food that Beacon would be willing to eat. We ate at two steakhouses during the week. Fogo de Chao, which I know has locations here in the US although I hadn’t eaten there until Rio, and another one I can’t remember the name of. They were each set up a bit differently. Fogo de Chao had a buffet that you could get your side dishes and salad at, with waiters coming over and cutting pieces of different meats off onto your plate. The other restaurant we ordered which meat we wanted and then waiters came around with a cycling order of side dishes that we could choose from.

Walking around Rio there was fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere, sold in the streets, overflowing in abundance in shops and restaurants, and coconuts could be bought every few feet on the beach. I love fresh pressed juice, at while eating brunch at our favorite breakfast spot multiple times during the trip I would order fresh pressed strawberry juice. Our favorite breakfast spot served American style breakfast and was aptly named Gringo Café.

I always find it interesting to try different cultural foods while abroad that originate from a different country or culture. In the US, you find Americanized Chinese food for instance, and in Spain it was interesting to see the similarities and differences for their Spanish Chinese food. We enjoyed pizza, burgers, and one night we went to a Chinese restaurant, where I tried a passion fruit caipirinha. The caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink and is made with Cachaça, an alcohol distilled in Brazil from sugar cane.

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