Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

I’m looking down the barrel of only a few months left before I’ll be completing grad school. Soon I’ll have an MS in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition, and another step closer to being a registered dietitian (RD). Each day as we inch closer to walking across the stage (let me tell you, all that wants to pop up in this post is incredibly overused cliches about the next stage/stepping into our lives, etc. etc. etc) I’m faced with similar questions:

What do you want to do with you degree/life?

What kinds of jobs are you applying for?

What plans do you have with your future?

I’m lucky. The next two years I already have roughly planned out. Unlike most of my friends, I’m still finishing up school, and not throwing myself into the job search quite yet. And yet, I know how to answer what my dream job is. If not an exact job title, at least certain parameters. I want a job that allows me to travel the world, to study local cuisine and cooking habits, study the intersection between anthropology, dietetics/nutrition, culture, and health. Nothing seems more ideal than to explore the globe and eat great food.

And after wracking my brain for months on how to even approach this reality, it hit me. I have the tools right in front of me. My lonely, poorly forgotten study abroad blog, with a total of 6 posts, where I last posted in 2015.

So here’s the changes I’ll be making. I will be rebranding. I’m working on a new name, and I’ll be linking in other social media platforms (though not Twitter, I don’t understand Twitter.) The focus and intention will remain the same, as I always wanted to share two of my greatest passions on here: travel and food. However, not only will I be sharing stories and photographs of the places and food I’ve encountered, but it will come with a focus on nutrition, and food policy.

I’ll be working on catching up my posts to my travels: backpacking through Europe, the Rio Olympics, Mexico, my move to Boston, and the endless New England explorations. I also have many possible-if-not-quite-set-in-stone trips planned: New York City, Maine, Vermont, India and Nepal, Hong Kong and mainland China, Spain and Morocco, Costa Rica, Canada.

So here’s a sneak-peak for what’s to come; from Germany to Mexico, Brazil to Maine.

2014-06-16 05.20.012014-06-23 08.24.07IMG_2394IMG_5298-2IMG_5340-2IMG_5440-2IMG_5511-2IMG_6898


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